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We are here in Fiji !!!

Arrived finally in Fiji on Saturday morning at 4am... The flight was long but good.. No delays and we even managed to get through the US with out any trouble.. And yes we saw someone famous...if you call an E list celeb famous..

When we arrived the sun was starting to rise and after a hour wait for our transfer to the hotel it had started to rain...What was going on...it's not Wales the sun should be shining!!

The weather has got better, though still a bit overcast....

Our bungalow is very nice... sort of simple, but with a fantastic view of the ocean. We can here the waves crashing on the coral reef just off shore. We are close to the pool and have birds waking us up in the morning. The complex is quite quiet but there are more travellers arriving daily. We have sampled some of the local cuisine and the local fiji beer. I am happy to re[port that it meets Andrew's very discernable palate.

We have been to look round a local Eco park and today is shopping day. Time is up so will post more later.


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Less Than 48 hours to go.....

beforet he adventure starts

semi-overcast 12 °C

Yep.. less than 48 hours to go. But then there is 72 hours, 18 minutes and 43 seconds before the plane actually takes off.. but who cares, or is counting?

Why do I always leave the packing till the last minute? That and other questions will be buzzing in my ears as I try to finish the work load that I need to shift before we go.

Well... preparations are well under way, tickets booked, passports found, accommodation booked, coach and transfer tickets sorted out, travellerspoint blog set up... oh and the money has arrived. Now the reall test.. getting 5 weeks worth of stuff into a rucsac... still I have another 41 hours and 30 minutes before I need to panic.


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The Countdown Has started!

( & that's not the Channel 4 programme!)


Last customers in, only one more breakfast to cook, 3 days to go or 92 hours according to Andrew... Just testing our travel journal, so you can all see what we are up to! "What is that Andrew?" sorry 91 hours 45mins and 10 seconds...

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